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Chemical: CUPRO 5000-Fungicide, 3lb

Product Code: CHEM008
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Cupro 5000 DF Fungicide                              3 lbs.

CUPRO 5000 DF Fungicide has advanced technology that will deliver excellent disease control with a dry flowable decreased handling, packing and loading time, and dust exposure. 3lb

Active Ingredient: Copper Hydroxide - 61.3%
Target pests: Alterneria Blight, Anthracnose, Phomopsis, Bacterial Leaf Spot, Gray Leaf Mold, Septoria Leaf Spot, Xanthomonas, Cercospora, Pseudomonoas, Erwinia, Alternaria, Cercospora Leaf Blight, Botrytis Blight, Phytophthora Dieback, Powdery Mildew, Pestalotia Leaf Spot, Entomosporium Maculata, Colletotrichum sp., Algal Leaf Spot, Botrytis Leaf Rot, Flower Rot, Volutella Leaf Blight, Fire Blight, Fungal Leaf Spot, Scab, Exoporium Leaf Spot, Phytophthora Bud Rot, Black Spot, and Downy Mildew and many other diseases
* See label for complete list
For use in: Ornamental
* See label for complete list
Application: 1.5 to 5 lbs per acre
* See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe: Yes, when used as directed on label

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